Hebei Economic Daily-Ji Business weekly interviewed Wang Zhengang, the Chairman and General Manager of Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Zhengang gave us his opinions about enterprises’ talents.

Talents are potential stocks for enterprise

 Reporter: What is the standard of talent? Which qualities and abilities of talent are needed by business enterprise?

Wang Zhengang: Talent is an amplifying concept at more than one level. All the people who can present creative works on their own job position can be called talents. No matter how the qualifications, job title and identity are, the right is the best. They are so-called talents on condition that they can create economic benefits social benefits for enterprises.

Reporter: What role will a talent play in the development of private enterprises?

Wang Zhengang: Enterprise should have a healthy, stable and sustainable development future in order to adapt to the changing market. And enterprises’ development depends on the hard work of every employee. When  every emploee in enterprise makes progress, our business will reach a good development. So we are willing to employ talents and cultivate talents and we are also eager to see talents' progess.

Reporter: How would the private enterprises, especially middle and small private companies to attract and retain talents?

Wang Zhengang: As a business leader, I insist that we need be clear of talents' ability and take care of talents who contribute to enterprise's development. Comparing attracting talents, I advocate to retain ready talents and make our best to let our talents feel warm in our enterprise.