Developing  Embarrassment

Cangzhou Huai Town Pharmaceutical Factory was the predecessor of Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, which was built in Xian County Hebei Province in April 1970. Then it had only 36 workers and around 10 products. After hard working, we built intravenous infusion workshop, tincture workshop, labboratories, tablets workshop and small volume injection workshop. At the end of 1976, we had 117 workers, 36 products. After the reform and open policy issued, all state-owned enterprises must be restructured. In 1994, the infusion workshop could not meet the national acceptance criteria and requirements, and then we cooperated with a partner from Hongkong China to convert into a Hebei RuiKang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Then we changed the name into Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Factory. At that time, we had 350 workers, 80 professional and technical personnel, and have powder for injection workshop, injections workshop, tablets workshop, soft capsules workshop and granules workshop. There are more than 100 products. In 1997, the factory had a deficit of more than 3 million, and Ruikang had stopped production for more than five months.

Early Development


At the end of 1997, Mr. Wang Zhengang was appointed as the Head of Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Factory. Then we had 418 staff in total and about 130 products. We owned injections workshop, powder for injection workshop, granules workshop, tablets workshop and infusion workshop. Our chairman, Wang Zhengang seized boldly the restructuring opportunity to carry on series of reforms. In the end, our company got better and managed to turn loss into profit in1999.

In 2001, our company passed the national GMP certification. In August, Tiancheng Pharmaceutical received “Good Quality and Development Medals” issued by government. Then, our company launched series of policies and reforms, which enabled enterprise’ thriving. We purchased 108 acres of land to build a second factory in Development Zone in 2003. Our second production line of the infusion workshop passed the GMP certification in 2002. We donated 31.6 million to society during SARS in 2003. Our granules, tablets and capsules passed GMP certification in May 2004. At this point, our total six formulations all passed the GMP certification.


In 2005, the total industrial output value and sales revenue exceeded 100 million RMB. In 2006, infusion, injection, traditional Chinese medicine workshops passed the GMP certification. In 2007, our company incested invest 30 million RMB to build a glass-plastic-bottle dual-use infusion production line and a high-speed glass infusion production line. In 2007, animal laboratory managed to pass on-site acceptance and obtained the usage lience. Our company donated 1 million RMB worth of urgently needed medicines to Wenchuan earthquake disaster area in 2008.

Further Expanding

Our company was restructured into the limited liability company in March 2010. Then on July 11th 2010, our company succeeded being listed on Tianjin Equity Exchange. Currently our company has total assets over 265 million RMB and over 1,000 sets of equipments, and covers an area of 192,763 m2 and architectural area of 71,577 m2. We have more than 1000 staff including 5 staff with master degree and more than 300 staff with graduate experience. There are about 230 professionals with senior or advanced title and 80 professional quality control staff. Our pharmaceutical research building, central control laboratories and laboratory animal center are all complying with national GMP requirements, which provide excellent facilities for us to develop new drugs and detect the pharmaceutical indexes of products.

Our products sell well in different regions of 20 domestic provinces.In order to provide good quality medicine to the patient all over the world, we started medicine foreign trade business on 2010. Until now, our products have sold well in many foreign countries, such as CIS areas, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries.


Group and Global Development


With our enterprise principle “Manufacturing good medicine for people”, Hebei Tiancheng Pharma has established its strategic development framework in pattern of pharmaceutical group, containing TIANCHENG PHARMA as the generic drug factory, DAWN PHARMA as the oncology manufacturer, NUOTE PHARMA as API factory, TIANJIN YINGTIANCHENG PHARMA as its R&D Institute. We cooperate with reliable partners both from China and foreign countries to contribute to human health. On the way to EU market, we are constantly seeking for new strategic partners.