During my years’ hard work on business, I have succeeded in leading a small 400-staff medicine factory to develop into a large 800-staff pharmaceutical company limited with 200 million RMB output value. And I also changed from a vigorous young man to middle-aged in this process. In retrospect, in order to work I had little time to take care of my young child and old parents , even I had syncope many times during my work. What did I work so hard for? Just for earning money? And what’s the real value of life? I think these questions over and over again.

Then I got the answer form the Panasonic story of Matsushita Kōnosuke. That is: the stronger one enterpriser is, the more staff can be affected by him. When the enterpriser manages to explore his business all over the country, the enterpriser is not individual, and then he is able to stand for his country. In other words, I was very aware of the fact: small factory belongs to yourself, and when you own a nationwide company it doesn’t belong to yourself only, you must take some social responsibilities for your own country.

"To make good  medicine for people" is the purpose of our company. Pharmaceutical industry can be considered to be conscientious career, because we can help many people to restore health, meanwhile many people also give us better opportunities to become noble-minded. When SARS attacked China in 2003, our company proposed the whole pharmaceutical companies of Cangzhou City to donate medical drugs and medical appliances to our society. On May 12th of 2008 Wenchuan of Sichuan Province suffered large earthquake, our company donated directly 1 million RMB medical drugs. So we are ready to help alive people suffering misery. When a person stands high enough, all the hard words can drives him to proceed ahead.

Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co,. Ltd are committing to human health, to revitalizing pharmaceutical industry of Cangzhou City. And our ultimate aim is to build into first-class enterprise in China and achieve the sustainable development of our company.

Today, we will continue focusing on drug research and production, and focusing on providing high quality drugs of our company to let patients restore health.

In order to donate the great love of our minds, I will lead my workteam to move on ahead.


                                                                                                                             Wang Zhengang

                                                                                                                 Chairman & General Manager

                                                                                                         Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co,. Ltd