The product is a colorless or almost colorless clear liquid, with sweet flavor.

Pharmacology and toxicity: 

Dextrose is one of the heat origin for human body, 16.7kJ heat can be produced from one gram dextrose, so dextrose is usually be used for the supplement of heat and treatment of hypoglycaemia. When administered together with insulin by phleboclysis, because the synthesis of glucogen must be joined with potassium, thus the potassium enter into cell to make the concentration of potassium-plasma decreased, the dextrose injection can be used for the treatment of hyperpotassemia. Dextrose injection is administered fast intravenously can make tissue dehydrate, so the product can be used as dehydrating agent. Moreover, dextrose is main material which can maintain and adjust osmotic pressure of peritoneum dialysate. 


Dextrose administered by phleboclysis usually enter the blood circulation directly. It is oxidized completely to produce CO2 and H2O and excreted by lung and kidney, accompanied with the production of heat. Available capacity of common people for dextrose is about 6mg/kg/minute. 


1) Used for supplement of energy and body liquid; Used for the scarcity of feeding and body liquid caused by all cases (such as vomiting, diarrhea), intravenous hyperalimentation, ketosis; 

2) hypoglycaemia; 

3) hyperpotassemia; 

4) 50% Dextrose could be used as dehydrant for body tissue;

5) Used for the preparation of peritoneum dialyszte; 

6) Used as medicine diluent; 

7) Used for the test of dosis tolerate of dextrose administered by phleboclysis;

8) Used for the preparation of GIK.