The product is a colorless clear liquid, with salt flavor.

Pharmacology and toxicity:

Sodium chloride is an electrolysis supplement agent; Sodium and chloride are important electrolysis for the human body and mainly exist in extracellular fluid, which play an important role in maintaining normal volume of blood, and extracellular fluid and osmosis pressure. Normal serum sodium concentration is about 135~145mmol/L, with a 92 percent of the plasma cation and a 90 percent of total osmosis pressure, so the quantity of plasma sodium play a decisive role for the osmosis pressure; Normal serum chloride concentration is about 98~106mmol/L; Sodium and chloride in human body are mainly adjusted by hypothalamus, lobus posterior hypophyseos and kindney so as to maintain the stability of body fluid volume and osmosis pressure. 


Sodium chloride enters the blood circulation directly after injected by intravenous, and distribute widely in the human body, and mainly exist in extracellular fluid. Both sodium and chloride can be filtrated by glomerule, and partially be absorbed by renal tubules. Sodium chloride is mainly excreted through urine by kindney, some is excreted through sweat. 


It is indicated for dehydration caused by all kinds of cases, including hypoosmolality, isotonia and hypertonicity; Also for the coma caused by hypertonicity non-ketosis diabetes as the administration of isotonia and hypoosmolality sodium chloride can correct the dehydration and hyperosmotic state; It is also indicated for low-chloride metabolic alkali poisoning; And external use sodium chloride can be used to wash the eyes and wounds; It also can be used for the induction of labor with wate4r bag.