This product is colorless or almost colorless clear liquid.


    This product is mainly used for the treatment of anaerobic infections.


    Metronidazole for most anaerobic bacteria have strong antibacterial activity, but aerobic and facultative anaerobes no effect, antibacterial spectrum, including Bacteroides fragilis and other Bacteroides, fusiform bacilli, Clostridium gas production Bacillus, Eubacterium, Wei Rong bacteria, digestion and digestive streptococcus and other bacteria, actinomycetes spp, Lactobacillus genus Propionibacterium is resistant to this product. Bactericidal concentration slightly higher than its inhibitory concentration.The                     metronidazole can inhibit the oxidation-reduction reaction of amebic protozoa, and make the nitrogen line broken, in vitro tests, Amoeba histolytica can change shape at 6~20 hours, and will be killed at 24 hours when the concentration is 1~2mg/L. if the concettration is 0.2mg/L, amoeba histolytica can be killed in 72 hours. The metronidazole has husky action in killing infusorian, but the mechanism is not clear. The metronidazole has carcinogenesis for a few of animal.


    The drugs can be absorbed completely, the protein binding rate is less than 5%, it can be distributed in tissue and body fluid, pass through the blood-brain barrier, the effective concentration can appear at saliva, placenta, bile, milk, amniotic, semen, urine, liquor puris and cerebrospinal fluid. There is a report that the concentration in placenta, milk and biliary is similar with in blood, and the concentration in cerebrospinal fluid is 43% of the blood drug level. The blood drug concentration of a few of brain abscess patients can higher than the normal person. The effective concentration can keep 12 hours. It can be eliminated 60%~80% from kidney, and 20% of original drug is exhausted from urine,the rest of the metabolic products (25% of the glucuronide conjugate, 14% for other metabolic conjugates) form from the urine.10% of metabolism is eliminated from feces, 14% of metabolism is eliminated from skin, others of metabolism is eliminated from urine.