The product is colorless and pellucid liquid.


This product is a new member of triazole anti-fungal agents; it can restrain the sterol combination of fungal efficiently. When the drug is injected, it takes effect on various animal fungal infections such as candidiasis infection and new type of cryptococcosis infection. 


The plasma protein binding rate of Fluconazole was only 11-12%. T1/2 is long, about 35.4 hours. The drug can permeate the body fluid very well. Its concentrations in the saliva, sputum and peritoneum are same with that in the plasma. Its concentration in the cerebral spinal fluid is 80% of the concentration in the plasma. Within 96 hours that patient is infused, the amount of Fluconazole excreted unchanged in the urine is 80%. 


Fluconazole is indicated for interfungal infection: Cryptococcosis, including cryptococcosis meningitis and infections of other parts (e. g. pulmonary, cutaneous), normal hosts and patient with AIDS, organ transplants or other cause of immunosuppression may be treated. Systemic candidiasis, patients with malignancy in intensive units, receiving cytotoxic or immunosuppressive therapy, or with other factors predisposing to candidal infection may be treated.